Marshall BOOM Lab

      Biofilm Origins, Oecology, and Metabolism

Exploring the extraordinary metabolic versatility of the microbes in and around us


In vivo Evolution

Understanding the metabolic adaptations in vivo

Antimicrobial Tolerance and Resistance

Studying the evolution of resistance in biofilms.

Dynamic Biofilm Surveillance with Bioelectrochemical Systems

Real-time monitoring of metabolism in biofilms.


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Experimental Microbiology. Marquette University. Undergraduate. Fall 2019. BIO 4802.

Comprehensive Microbiology. University of Pittsburgh. Graduate level. Spring 2018 & Spring 2019. 2184 MSMI 1100.

Pseudomonas and Friends Journal Club. University of Pittsburgh.

Applied and Environmental Microbiology. Duquesne University. Graduate and Undergraduate level. Spring 2017. ENVI 497597 BIO 432W/532.

The Microbiome and Health. Undergraduate level. Univeristy of Chicago. Spring 2015. BIOS 15123.

General Microbiology. Graduate and Undergraduate level. College of Charleston. 2009 – 2011. Bio 310 / 320.

Environmental Microbiology. Graduate level. MUSC. Spring 2010 - 2012. MBIM-772.